Course Planner welcomes you in Paimio and Course Adviser’s survey:

Course Planner welcomes you in Paimio
This year the competition area of Nuorten Jukola Relay is located in the town of Paimio, Preitilä area.
The competition area partly consists of very passable moor land terrain, with a good path network supporting running in the shortest courses. Partly it is bare rock terrain with detailed climbs, a more typical profile in the southwest county of Finland. However, in the terrain the height differences are small, with the exception of the last two legs, where the climbs are longer than in other legs.

In the competition area there are control points close to each other, so always check the control codes! In all legs there is at least one crossing over the road. All crossings are controlled. But anyway: be careful!

The map was fully revised in the spring/summer 2007. It has been printed by Turun Offsetpaino, the size is A4S. The map has been made by Anssi Saarinen, a very experienced map designer.

We wish all of you a successful race and a joyful catch of control points in Paimio on 25.08.2007!

Course Planner Group
Nuorten Jukola 2007

Course Adviser’s survey:

The courses are relatively easy, as they shall be in a junior relay race.
The terrain is very varying. There is dry and sandy moor land, bare rock area and thick forest.
The height differences are small, even though the longest courses almost touch Varasvuori ski jumps.
The landing slope of the ski jumps is covered with plastic, so it can not be crossed.
The paths are very precisely marked on the map, which also gives a good picture of a tight path network.
The base of the ground is fast, which together with the open terrain ensures a good speed in some places.
But in all legs there are also control points, where the orienteering skills are decisive.

Pentti Karru
Course Adviser