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ENCOURAGE, ENCOURAGE!! – Who has the best encouraging skills?

The winners of the year 1997 – Toni, Pasi, Heli, Olli, Terhi, Camilla and Markus – are observing all teams and clubs during the competition day. Which team is the best in encouraging the competitors?

A good encouragement is based on clever expressions enriched by sounds, banners, flags etc
A good encouragement is directed to own team members and club mates as well as to the fellow competitors
A good encouragement is always fair and also considers other spectators
A good encouragement is cheerful, positive, visible, audible, inspiring, ....

The club with best encouraging skills will be chosen and rewarded by the winners of the year 1997.


MP-MasterPlanet Oy is offering a free OpenSpark -wlan connection in competition center.

Rastivarsat from Orimattila, Finland is the first team in the competition! They registered two teams. Täby OK was the first swedish klub with three teams.

The registration system is open. Registration

The Finnish company Helkama Velox Oy has given a bicycle, called Jopo, to be raffled among all the participants in Nuorten Jukola 2007.

The Jopo, created in the 1960’s, has become an important part of Finnish cycling history. Due to its proper adjustment tolerance the simple classic bicycle suits almost everyone. So it is no wonder that Jopo bikes once were found in almost every Finnish family home. In this millennium the legend has made a fine come-back.

We wish good luck for all in the lottery!