The 22nd Nuorten Jukola in Paimio August 25th 2007


Nuorten Jukola is an international orienteering relay race for juniors. Each team must be composed of seven members, both boys and girls.

Legs, team composition and preliminary course lengths:

Leg Birth Difficulty Course length
1. -H/D16 y. -91 or later H/D14 appr. 4,5 km
2. -H/D16 y. -91 or later H/D14 appr. 4,5 km
3. -D14 y. -93 or later D12 appr. 2,5 km
4. -H/D14 y. -93 or later H/D12 appr. 2,5 km
5. -D16 y. -91 or later D14 appr. 3,5 km
6. -D18 y. -89 or later D16 appr. 5,0 km
7. -H18 y. -89 or later H16 appr. 6,0 km

All courses include 350 m taped route. The dispersion system (forking) will be used on all legs except on the 5th leg. The mass start takes place at 11.00 hours, the winning team is expected to be at the finish at 14.00 hours. It is not allowed to use spike shoes. Dobb shoes are allowed.

Team qualifictions: The race is primarily intended for club teams. Such clubs which are unable to form an own team are allowed to form a combined team. The age and sex requirements also concern combined teams, except that a girl may run the seventh leg. Combined teams are not entitled to prizes. The organizer will also form combined teams from the individual competitors registered in the competitor bank.

Entries: Participation must be registered by August 15th 2007. For registration, use the entry system (Registration). The entry system will be opened in the beginning of July.

Late entries: Late entries will be accepted until August 20th, at a higher fee.

Team compositions: The team composition must be given in the Internet while entering. The final list needs to be given not later than on Friday August 24th by 18.00 hours through the entry system, or on the form available at the info.

Entry fee: Entry fee is 63 EUR/team. When registered after deadline the fee is 84 EUR/team. The entry fees must be paid by August 15th by using the reference given by the registration system. Payment, please see below Payment of fees.

The electronic punching system: Each team must have at least three (3) Emit cards. The same Emit card can not be used by two different teams. Emit cards can be rented from the organizer at a cost of 4 EUR /card. Teams wishing to rent cards must order the rental cards and absolutely indicate the number of cards needed in connection with the registration. The rental card fees have to be paid together with other fees. The Emit card numbers are not needed in advance. They will be registered in the result system, when the runners enter the changeover area.

Map: Orienteering map 7/2007 (by Anssi Saarinen), scale 1:10 000, contour interval five (5) meters. The map will be in a plastic map case. After the competition the teams will get the maps used in the competition, as well as one map with all controls and dispersions printed on it.

Area forbidden for training: The competition area is forbidden for training and competitions till the race on August 25th 2007. Jogging on constructed tracks and roads is allowed. The forbidden area is shown on the web page of the race (

Road signs and parking: The competition centre is located in Hanhijoki/Aho schoolyard in Paimio. The race will be signposted from road E18 (motorway Turku – Helsinki) at junction 11, as well as from the centre of Paimio,. The distance from these crossings to the competition centre is approximately 4 km. Parking is near the competition centre. No parking fee.

Dressing and washing: Outside in the competition centre in Venla-wagon, warm water provided.

Accommodation and catering: The accommodations provided by the organizer Paimion Rasti are located in Paimio, about 6km/11 km from the competition centre. Floor accommodation there costs 5 EUR/person/night, a mattress is not included. Breakfast 4 EUR/person and dinner 4 EUR/person are available at the accommodation. Accommodation and meals must be booked and paid together with the registration. During the competition day meals are available in a tent restaurant at the competition centre. Inquiries about the accommodation are to be addressed to Ritva Helminen, ritva.helminen(at)

Payment of fees and all bookings:
Bank: Lounais-Suomen Osuuspankki
Account holder: Paimion Rasti
Account no. 531904-25865
Reference: use the reference given by the registration system

When paying from abroad:
Swift code: OKOYFIHH
IBAN-code: FI2653190420005865

Any bank transfer fees from abroad must be paid by the sender and in euros.
Remember enter the name of your club in payment.

The organizing committee:
Competition Director Anne Summa, anne.summa(at)
Vice Director Leena Salo, salo.rauhalinna(at)
Course Planner Markku Sipponen, markku.sipponen(at)
Media Antti Ryynänen, antti.ryynanen(at)
Adviser, Finnish Orienteering Federation (SSL), Ilkka Saarimäki
Course Adviser Pentti Karru (Sauvon Urheilijat)
Patron of the competition: Sari Essayah, World champion

More information: Nuorten Jukola 2007 web pages:

Welcome to Paimio!

Paimion Rasti
Finnish Orienteering Federation